Step one - Trail

Create an ad-hoc task called Audit Follow Up or something along those lines

Ask us for your API Key through the in-app chat. This is identifies where you work and the permissions you have. 

Make a note of this as we will need this later

Step two - iAuditor

Hopefully at this stage you already have an iAuditor account and some audit templates setup. 

If not, now’s your chance 📝 

Note: iAuditor requires the premium subscription to access integrations.

Once you have setup an audit, we need to add a few extra fields to the template:

  1. Text to pull through to Trail eg. What follow up points need addressing
  2. Deadline for completion - This is to set the due time of the task on Trail
  3. Site ID - To determine which site to assign the task to

Next, complete the audit with some example data to help with later stages. The important bit here is to use the correct Site ID for your demo site (found on the sites page).

This is a good time to note down your iAuditor API key. This can be found in your profile settings under "integrations."

Step three - hook them up and watch the magic happen 💥

Head to and create a free account to unlock automation of 1000+ apps!

I'm sure you're excited to get Zapping but first you must click this link to enable Trail on Zapier (we are currently invite only)

Once ready, click this big red button ⬇️

All zaps work on triggers  and actions. iAuditor is the trigger  in this case as the completion of the audit which will trigger the follow up actions  on Trail.

So go ahead and search for iAuditor then hit continue.

After selecting Audit completion you'll be prompted to authorise your account using your iAuditor API key.

Once authorised, you'll be able to choose the template you added the extra fields to earlier.

Time for actions

Search for Trail, select create task and connect your account using the API key.

Select the ad-hoc task template you created at the very beginning of this process.

For the site ID, click the box on the right of the text box where you can bring answers from the audit in. In this case the field where you entered the Demo site ID.

Same idea for the description. Bring in the follow up item answer from iAuditor as well as some advanced formatting if you fancy being a pro.

Lastly, bring in the due date from iAuditor too and then hit continue.

And finally finally, give that a test and watch the task magically appear on your demo site.

Note: Zapier premium allows multistep zaps. This allows the full report to be shown via a link alongside a dropdown list for sites (as shown in the video).

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