Trail's daily digest provides a daily exception report indicating the performance of sites and whether any are in need of help.

However, to help demonstrate the full picture of your operation we also feed your data into a live dashboard for longer term trends. With this information at your disposal you'll be able to make more informed, data driven decisions.

The dashboard holds a rolling 3 months of data and you are able to filter by date, area, site and task. 

Example uses:

  • Understand which tasks are always missed/late to adjust content or reschedule
  • Aggregate comments that are frequently left to spot common issues across sites
  • Average the score for your sites over a given period for bonuses or fun competitions
  • Identify certain days that have lower scores where schedules might need updated or extra staff training

Q. Who can access the dashboard
A. Only admins can access the dashboard.

Q. Where can I access the dashboard?
A. There is a link in the daily digest. It can also be accessed from the insights page.

Q. How are scores calculated?
A. One point for completed, half a point for late and zero points for incomplete. Read more

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