Trail is more than just a paper replacement. Digitising all the daily processes opens up trends across sites and over time, allowing you to spot problems and focus in on fixes.

Sites are scored on whether tasks are completed on time, early, late or missed. The results are divided by 10 each day - more here on how scores are calculated

The results are displayed in Score Report and tracked over time. Low scores are highlighted in sites or on certain days, allowing you to drill down to fix task schedules or work on staff training.

Scores are also averaged by Area and a total Company score. Daily, Weekly and Monthly views give a better of understanding of improvements over time.

Every morning, an email digest goes to everyone with the previous days scores.


Plans & Permissions

  • Reports are a Standard Plan feature - get in touch to upgrade
  • Only Admins & Managers can access the Score Report for their own sites. Teams receive a digest email for their own site.

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