Update company-wide business hours:

  • As an Admin, go to the Settings for your Organisation by clicking on your company name in the top right corner of any page.
  • Adjust the timeslots to suit your business hours.
  • If some sites operate on different hours, set the most common times here and adjust the others at a Site-level later.
  • Any changes here will automatically affect all Sites, unless that Site's business hours have been manually updated.

Update Site-level business hours:

  • If any Sites operate on different business hours, you can override the company settings for each site individually.
  • Go to the Sites page and select 'edit' next to the Site you want to update. You can also get to a Site's settings page direct from that Site's Trail.
  • From here update timeslots to suit your Site's business hours. 
  • Admins are able to make any changes, including closing timeslots. Remember closing timeslots may stop tasks from appearing.
  • Managers are only able to adjust timeslots, but not close any. 

Rules to follow when setting business hours: 

  • Timeslots can't overlap. The end of one timeslot must be the same as the start of the next. 
  • It's not currently possible to rename timeslots. 
  • You can close a timeslot. Any task that is scheduled to start in that timeslot will not be created.
  • Timeslots must cover the entire day. Even if certain timeslots are closed, the day must run through an entire 24 hours with no gaps.

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