Record Logs are an easy way to record data for everything that happens at site.


Record Log is the name given to the part of a task used to collect data. This is separate to the title, description and checklist. Read more on what makes up a task here.

Record Logs have 2 views:

  • Form view, for entering data
  • Table view, for reviewing data

Switch between the views using the buttons to the top-right of the Record Log.

A Record Log can have multiple Records for each task. Think of these like new rows on a table. (E.g. 3 rows of fridges)

Each Record is made up of a series of fields. Each field can be one of three types: Text, Number or Options.


  • Text fields can record any amount of text. 
  • The size of the text box for entering data is restricted based on the device. 
  • All text recorded will be shown in the table view of the Record Log. 


  • Number fields can have prefixes (e.g. £) or suffixes (e.g. °C).
  • Numbers can also have warnings for when the figure entered is outside of an acceptable range (e.g. 0 to 8°C).
  • The acceptable range can be defined for the field itself or it can depend on what's entered in a dropdown in another field.
  • E.g. If the option selected in field 2 is 'Freezer' then the range for field 3 is '-22°C to -18°C'


  • Options fields allow the person entering data to select from a predefined dropdown list.


Mandatory field

  • A value must be entered for every Record of this field in the Record Log before the task can be completed.

Repeating field

  • When a task is marked as done, data entered into this field will be remembered and auto-filled for future instances.
    *It can take up to a few hours for entries to auto-fill future tasks.

Locked field 

  • Data in this field can only be entered or edited by a Manager or Admin.

Restrict rows

  • If enabled, only managers and admins can add or delete entire Records from the Record Log.

Minimum rows

  • Set a minimum number of Records that the Record Log should show.
  • Managers and Admins can overwrite this. 

Single Record

  • If enabled, this removes the sidebar and table view from a Record Log and just shows the Form view with no option to add more than a single Record.

Creating and editing Record Logs

Record Logs are configured by the Trail Team. 

To request a new Record Log get in touch with our support team via the in-app chat or 

To make a change to an existing Record Log, select the Record Log from the Task Edit page and select 'Request changes'. Enter the details of the requested change and submit. 

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