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Quality control

For business critical processes such as receiving of high-quality ingredients, Trail can ensure standards are being met. When standards aren’t met, photos can be taken and details recorded all on one system. 

Alerts can be set up for these tasks to notify others in the business (e.g. ops manager, central production unit).

Features used:

  • Critical checks followed
  • Delivery data records
  • Corrective actions records
  • Photo evidence
  • Task notifications



Staff training allows you to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve as well as teach the basic skills required to complete their role.  Recording staff training ensures that you have a record of all employees skills and knowledge.

  • Make daily recordings of key training and performance variables
  • Accurately assess how staff are progressing toward 
  • Ensure timely re-training when required


Toilet checks

Ensure clean and fresh toilets throughout the day with easy to maintain toilet checks.

  • Set several toilet checks throughout the day.
  • Detail every step required for a spotless clean.
  • Log any maintenance issues or areas that need attention.

Coffee brew log


Aces in places

Trail can help you keep track of what hours your staff are working.

  • Add a line for each member of staff
  • Each team member should input exactly when they start and when they finish a shift.
  • Give a total of hours worked per day.
  • Staff can initial the line when complete.


Pour Tests

Digitise your pour test log.

  • Add a line for each product
  • Initial when complete


Coffee Machine Check

Ensure daily coffee calibration is being completed and logged.

  • Log extraction time
  • Capture and rectify any flavour issues


Line Cleaning

Digitise line cleaning.  Add line cleaning to specific days and times.

  • Detail every step of cleaning process
  • Log any issues and corrective action taken


Energy Saving Checks

Digitise all end of night energy saving checks.

  • Log individual items that should be turned off
  • Staff member initial check each night.


Shift Handover

Digitise all shift handovers.

  • Keep all handovers logged
  • Log any issues and corrective action taken


End of Day report

Digitise all end of day sales and takings.  

  • Log cash total
  • Log card total

Trailsuite Ltd. provide templates but do not provide legal advice or recommendations for health and safety practices. Final responsibility rests with the operator.

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