Fire alarm test

Schedule a weekly fire alarm test and log the results

  • A row for each location or zone
  • Log faults & corrective actions in Comments


False Alarm Log 

Digitise any false alarms and log actions.

  • Record details.
  • Log corrective action where required. 


Emergency lighting

Schedule a monthly lighting test and capture the results in an auditable log. 

  • Select the duration of power failure
  • Confirm checks have been completed 
  • Log faults & corrective actions in Comments 


Fire extinguisher & blanket

Record the number and state of fire safety equipment

  • Record the quantity of all safety equipment
  • Log faults & corrective actions in Comments


Fire evacuation drill

Digitise your fire evacuation drills.  

  • Record export timings of the drill
  • Log time that the drill started and how long it took to evacuate

Trailsuite Ltd. provide templates but do not provide legal advice or recommendations for health and safety practices. Final responsibility rests with the operator.

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