Cold storage temperatures

List all your fridges & freezers and they'll be remembered for each site for teams to quickly log temperatures over the course of each day.

  • Name and type of equipment, which sets acceptable temperature ranges
  • Temperature fields with validation and corrective actions 


Hot holding temperatures

List all food that is stored in a hot holding bain-marie and allow teams to easily and quickly record temperatures every 2 hours after cooking.

  • List food item and cooking temp.
  • Temperature fields every 2 hours and time of item disposal logged


Cooking & reheating temperatures

List all food items that are cooked and reheated and log their temperature and time of cooking.  

  • Easy to populate food items
  • Drop down field for cooking method
  • Log time, temp and initials per item


Food cooling temperatures

List all foods that are cooled after cooking.  Allow teams to monitor the cooling of potentially hazardous foods.  

  • List food items and cooling start time
  • Log time, temp and initials per item


Probe calibration

List all of the settings on the probe and record the temperature on a weekly or monthly basis. 

  • Probe setting, temp and initials 
  •  Corrective actions where required


Ice Machine Cleaning 

Digitise ice machine cleaning.

  • Log date, time and initials.
  • Highlight any corrective action required.


Pest Activity Check  

Digitise pest activity check log.

  • Log any pest activity and corrective action.


Dishwasher Check  

Digitise dishwasher checks.

  • Log all checks.
  • Log any faults and corrective action taken.


Food Handlers Questionnaire   

Digitise all food handler questionnaires.

  • Log all responses.  
  • Highlight at risk food handlers. 


Deliveries log

Record a complete history of deliveries, suppliers and quality

  • Add a new entry for each delivery over the course of the day
  • Set acceptable temperature ranges to maintain food safety
  • Log rejected deliveries and the reason


Opening Food Safety Checks

Digitise all opening checks related to food safety. 

  • Log all checks.
  • Repeat every day before open.


Closing Food Safety Checks

Digitise all closing checks related to food safety. 

  • Log all checks.
  • Repeat every day before open.

Trailsuite Ltd. provide templates but do not provide legal advice or recommendations for health and safety practices. Final responsibility rests with the operator.

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