Don't tell Atul Gawande (author of the checklist manifesto) but sometimes a checklist alone does not suffice. Hospitality operations are complicated beasts, and teams must have the facility to log information. 

So we built widgets 🙌

So... what is a widget?

Widgets provide a user friendly medium for data entry. They can range from temperature records and accident forms to the weather.

So I can ditch the paper diary completely? 

Yes ✅

Not only do widgets replace the paper equivalent. There is no paper equivalent because widgets provide immediate feedback.


Deliveries arrive, details entered on Trail

9°C is entered for a fresh delivery, instantly flagged and delivery rejected

Configuration options

  • Mandatory columns - a column must have a value entered before the task can be completed
  • Minimum number of rows - predefine the minimum number of rows in a widget
  • Restrict rows and columns to managers - see here for more details on how this works
  • Set critical limits - Flag error messages when values are out of range

To configure widgets, get in touch with our support team via the in-app chat.


Form style widgets

Entering detailed information onto Trail is a breeze 🍃 

Multiple choices, numbered scales, pictures and conditional jumping make even the lengthiest forms manageable.  


A member of staff receives first aid treatment after an accident. Only then would treatment details be required

Can I request a widget?

Of course you can! 

Widgets are completely customisable but require a customer success manager to build them 🔨

Please get in touch with your CS manager to do this.  Remember to provide as much info as possible so we can get it just right!

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