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Restricting rows and columns

In instances where the same suppliers, products or units are used, you may not want them edited at site-level. In such cases, it is easy for us to restrict editing access to the rows and columns for you, so only Managers and above are able to edit them.

What can you restrict to Managers and above?

  • Adding / deleting rows
  • Editing of values in a column

How do you restrict these?

  • This must be configured by our customer success team - get in contact via the in-app chat to request a widget change. 


This is what it looks like before we restrict rows and columns. As you can see, there is the “Add another entry” option visible, the text boxes in the “Unit” column are free to edit, and the “Type” column allows you to select the options from the drop down. It will continue to look like this to you after we’ve set the restrictions.


As you can see, your teams will only be able to view the information you’ve input for the “Unit” and “Type” columns. The “Temperature” and “Initials” column, however, are unchanged.

In instances where text hasn't been added to the columns, Teams will see a dash in place of it. As they won't be able to edit it themselves, they will need to reach out to their ops manager or anyone else with an Owner account to have them add the information they need.

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