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A quick video introduction to using Trail at sites

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This introduction video contains everything users need to start using Trail on site each day. It's shown to every new team or manager user when they first sign up.

What will I see when I log in?

Once logged in, a page like this appears:

Make sure this web address is saved, it's where you'll access your tasks each day. You can also pin it to your home screen, meaning you can access it from there (like other apps) each day.

At the top are all tasks that need to be done first, like opening checks. As you scroll down tasks that are due later will appear.

The list of tasks you see depends on what is assigned by the Trail Champion - the person responsible for managing and setting up Trail at each company.

What is a task?

Admins at each company set a daily list of tasks for each site to complete. Tasks are made up of checklists and record logs designed to carry out the work necessary to keep your site running.

It's simple - work through the checklist and flag any items that can't be completed. It's always good to leave a comment with more detail.

Record logs are anywhere that numbers or words are entered, for example initials or a fridge temperature.

Tasks are due in batches, called time slots, which have a start and finish time. These are set up by an admin or manager.

Tasks are assigned to these time slots, which is the window to complete any tasks due in that period. Some tasks may go over a few days, or longer, you can see when a task is due in the header.

Where do I find a task that isn't scheduled?

Sometimes the unexpected happens, and information needs to be recorded outside of daily tasks, such as when there's an accident.

In this case, click Add Task in the top right hand corner, which gives you a list of adhoc tasks set up by admins. These are due on the day they are added.

If this doesn't have the task for the job, it's best to contact Trail support who will put you in touch with your Trail Champion (or you can contact them directly).

Who do I ask for help?

Our dedicated support team is always happy to help but our super informative help centre is also a great place to look if you're not sure about something.

In some cases, a manager at your site may also be able to help, for example if:

  • Business hours need adapting

  • A task was submitted accidentally and needs to be reopened

  • A downloadable report is needed for an EHO visit

  • An extra checklist item needs to be added

For other questions about your tasks or their content, the Trail Champion is the mastermind behind it all, so is the best person to help. The support team can help put you in touch if you're not sure who that is.

If in doubt, hit the intercom button in the bottom right hand corner, where you'll be connected with one of our team - we love to chat!

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