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Adding extra actions to tasks

Managers & Admins can add to existing checklists on tasks at a site

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Why add extra actions?

  • Add items when you want to set your team extra tasks to complete

  • Add items when you want to leave handover notes between shifts or make sure people remember a specific event happening at your site in the future

  • These extra items can replace post-it notes which often litter the back of house areas and can get lost

Trying to remove items from a checklist? Check out our article on flagging items as not applicable.

Step 1 - Check you're a Manager or Admin user

  • Extra items can only be added to tasks which already have a checklist

  • Admins & Managers will have access to the 'Add Item' button at the bottom of checklist tasks on the Complete Tasks page

Step 2 - Add an item

  • Select the box and start typing the action (e.g "Put out A-boards")

  • Hit "Save" and it'll be added to the task

  • If the extra checklist item needs to appear each time the task does, select "Repeat every time"

Step 3 - Delete and re-add if needed

  • If a checklist item has been added in error, hit the three dots next to the checklist item to delete it.

Step 4 - Updating the checklist in the future

  • Checks which are set to repeat each time the task populates can be identified by the repeats icon.

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