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Flagging checklist items

Highlight issues or hide irrelevant checklists

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Why flag items and what are flags for?

  • Flag an item when you can’t complete it (e.g a delivery didn’t arrive)

  • Flag an item when it’s not applicable to your site or on that day (e.g you don’t have garden umbrellas)

  • Flag an item when it's never applicable to your site. When an item is flagged as never applicable, it'll be hidden for Team level users, but managers will still be able to see it, but we automatically mark it as "never applicable" each day. This allows them to still complete the task and move on with tasks they can complete.

💡 Note: Flagging tasks as 'Never Applicable' can only be done by Managers & Admin level users - more on permissions here

Trail records who flagged each item and when, so you always have a record and know who to follow up with when tasks can't be completed.

How to Flag Checklist Items

Step 1 - Select the flag icon

  • The flag icon is on the right side, next to each checklist item

Step 2 - Pick an option

  • Selecting it will show two options "Can't complete" and "Not applicable"

  • Pick the option which is relevant

  • Managers and Admin users will see the option "Never Applicable"

Step 3 - Complete the task

  • Once you've worked through the whole checklist, either completing or flagging items you can select "Mark as done" to complete the task

Need to see which items have been flagged?

Using Task Reports, completed task data can be filtered by 'Exceptions'. Select the 'Exception' filter & choose 'Flagged Items'

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