Trail is a list of tasks to follow each day.
It cuts down on paperwork, saves time and gives managers better visibility.

Every site gets its own task list.
A site could be a restaurant, shop or hotel - one location or unit.

Teams & Managers are assigned to a site.
They work through the tasks each day - that's all they see. Their list can be filtered by role or department (excl. Solo plan - to understand more about filtering Trails, click here).

Everyone's tasks are created, scheduled and assigned by Admin users on the Manage Tasks page. Daily reports are sent to all users for their site's performance.


Introducing Trail to your team

The app is so simple - just about anyone can use it without training. However, it's worth introducing the overall business benefits so everyone understands why it's worth moving over.

Here are a few resources you may find useful:

Training presentation

An overview of  the main Trail benefits and features for use in training workshops or to be sent over email. It's been created in Google Slides - feel free to make a copy and customise to your business.

Walkthrough video for Teams

This contains pretty much everything users need to start using Trail on site each day.
Every new user is shown this video when they first sign up.

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