1. Stronger main action

It's now a big pink button on each main page:

2. Site status

  • A "Demo" Site - just used as a place to test new tasks

  • An "Active" Site - included in reports

  • An "Inactive" Site - not included in reports

  • "Activation Due" (orange) - activation date has passed

  • "Activation Due" (blue) - due to go live in the future

3. User status

  • "Active" - Able to access and use Trail

  • "Pending invitations" - Have not activated their email invite

4. Cleaner task planner for managers

  • More obvious sidebar with filters for Site, Area and Tags which also works on mobile devices and smaller screens too

  • New top bar with clearer actions for searching and previewing all tasks

5. Cleaner Trail view for sites

The top navigation has been simplified. The options are still the same, but the add task button is now clearer, along side search, filter and change date.


Task colours have been updated to match reports:

  • Blue tasks are to be worked on when you're ready (ones with a + icon have been added by your team or by an external system)

  • Orange tasks are overdue and need to be completed ASAP

  • Red tasks have been missed

  • Green tasks with a tick are complete

We hope you like the latest changes to Trail, but if you need any help or have some feedback, do let us know by using the support chat tool in the app. 

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