Not every site operates on the same schedule. You can update your business hours for either your whole organisation or a specific site. 

You can also close specific sites on upcoming days for when you're closed over the holidays or for a refurb.

How to update company-wide business hours

  • As an Admin, go to the Settings for your Organisation by clicking on your company name in the top right corner of any page.

  • Adjust the time slots to suit your business hours.

  • If some sites operate on different hours, set the most common times here and you can adjust the others at a Site-level later.

  • Any changes here will automatically affect all Sites, unless that Site's business hours have been manually updated.

A few rules and tips to get the most out of your business hours:

  • Time slots can't overlap. The end of one time slot must be the same as the start of the next. 

  • It's not currently possible to rename timeslots. This doesn’t need to affect how you use them, it’s just a way of dividing up the day.

  • You can close a timeslot. This is useful for when you don’t want tasks to appear on certain days e.g. if you don’t serve lunch on weekdays. However, any task that is scheduled in the closed time slot on that day will not be created so handle with care! 

  • Time slots must cover the entire day. Even if certain time slots are closed, the day must run through an entire 24 hours with no gaps (including between days).

  • Before open should not start after 06:00. This is to ensure that time slots cover the entire day - it doesn't matter if you open much later than this as before open can run for a long time. 

How to update business hours for individual sites

To view existing business hours for an individual site, go to the Sites page in the side menu and just click edit ✏️.  Admins can update the business hours for all sites and managers can do so for any sites they are assigned to.

  • If any Sites operate on different business hours, you can override the company settings for each site individually.

  • Go to the Sites page and select 'edit' next to the Site you want to update. You can also get to a Site's settings page direct from that Site's Trail.

  • From here update time slots to suit your Site's business hours. 

  • Admins are able to make any changes, including closing time slots. Remember closing time slots may stop tasks from appearing.

  • Managers are only able to adjust time slots, but not close any. 

When a site is closed for the day

Sites can be closed on a regular basis (e.g. every Sunday )

  • Follow the same steps as adjusting time slots above.

Sites can be closed on specific dates (e.g. 25th December):

  • Go to the Site setting page and select edit ✏️ for a site.

  • Scroll to the bottom and select the dates you want to close for that site.

  • Tasks won't appear on these dates.

  • A banner will show at the top of the Trail marking that date as closed.

  • A site won't receive a score for any date that it is closed and will show as a blank on the dashboard.

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