There are two types of types of email notification (Standard Plan only):

  • The daily digest arrives each morning showing how your team has performed the previous day, with scores for each site

  • The task completion report is sent every time a specific task is completed and includes the data entered on that task.

In some cases integrations such as Typeform might also send emails.


Daily Digest

Every Trail user receives a digest for the sites they have access to. Teams see just one site, Managers can see multiple and Admins will see all sites.


Task Completed

Task completion notifications are enabled in the task editor for those on the Standard Plan.

Admins and Managers will receive a notification every time any of their sites complete that specific task.

The email contains the data entered into the task, excluding Checklists & Comments. This is often used for critical ad-hoc tasks such as Accident & Incident forms.



By default, all Admins, Managers and Teams are subscribed to email notifications. To stop receiving the Daily Digest or Task Completed notifications, they just need to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

  • To resubscribe to a notification, just ask the Support team over chat - remember to give them the email addresses

  • Only Trail users can be subscribed to notifications - we don't accept generic email addresses

  • It's not currently possible to unsubscribe from a specific task notification - it's all or nothing. 


Activity Feed

Admins and Managers will also see notifications on their Activity Feed - including those they've unsubscribed from.

This is particularly useful if you don't have regular access to the account email address (eg. Managers on shared accounts) or want to cut down on email noise without losing visibility.

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