Trail offers 3 simple subscription plans.

  • Pay per site
    You’ll be charged for every Live site

  • 14 days free
    Get setup, get comfortable and feel free to cancel anytime

  • Plans
    More on what the Solo, Team and Standard plans offer, here

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Pay per site

In Trail, everything revolves around Sites. A Site might be a Location, Property or Unit - usually a distinct physical area with its own processes and reporting.

Only Managers & Admins can manage Sites.

Live sites
You can create as many Sites as you like and you'll only be charged when they're set to Live. Your subscription will be updated and you'll be charged a prorated rate for that site.

Live dates
Future activation dates are useful for planning a rollout - the site will be automatically changed to Live on the day.

Inactive sites
New teams and managers can safely explore Inactive Sites - their changes won't be saved or reported on. 

You can also downgrade your subscription by setting a Site to Inactive - even temporarily - and your invoice will be updated accordingly.



There are 2 payment options.

  • Direct Debit via GoCardless

  • Credit Card via Stripe

In special circumstances we can discuss invoice payment.

Invoices will be sent to the organisation billing contact - not the Site.



What is the cost per Site?
It depends on the number of sites and type of business. A per-site cost will have been agreed during sign up and is included in the billing emails.

Can each Site pay separately?
The terms are agreed between Trail and the parent company, which is where invoices are sent and payment taken. However, there are circumstances where Sites can have separate subscriptions.

Can my Sites approve payment?
See the point above - there are cases where Sites are set up with their own subscription and payment method.

Can I extend the trial?
The first 14 days are free. Drop Support a message to discuss a possible trial extension to help you make your final tweaks!

What is the Trail VAT number?
GB 193300329

How do I update my payment details?
Contact and you'll be sent a secure link to update payment details online

How do I cancel the subscription?
Just contact your Customer Success Manager and they'll disable your account, wishing you a fond farewell 😢

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