To do our bit, we've pulled together some best practice tasks that can help to protect your business, team and customers during these challenging times. We've added them to a special tab in your task planner so that you can easily assign what you need.

All task names start with Covid-19 so that your teams can quickly spot what they need to do, but be sure to give them a heads-up if there are any Ad Hoc tasks you'd like them to use. To make this super-easy, we've added a One-Off Task you can use to help bring this to their attention.

To assign these tasks:

  1. Start from your task planner and head to the new 'Covid-19 Task Library' tab

  2. Browse the library and make sure to 'Copy' what you need to your own planner

  3. Assign to your site(s)

  4. Make any edits you may need to tailor the site to your business

Our support team is on hand to help with setting up any tasks or schedules, so please drop them a line in the chat or by email to if you need any help.

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