Trigger Zapier when a task is completed

Integrate with 1000s of apps and trigger actions whenever a site completes a task

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Zapier integrations are only available on the Standard Plan. Upgrade in billing.

Introduction to Zapier

Zapier is allows thousands of apps to interact and automates workflows between them. Find out how to connect Trail with Zapier.

Zapier works via a system of Triggers and Actions.

  • A trigger is an event that starts a Zap. For example, if you want a spreadsheet row to be added each time a site completed a certain task, the trigger is Task Completed in Trail.

  • An action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered. For example, if you want sites to receive an Automated task when a spreadsheet row is changed, the action is Add Task. Learn more about using Trail as an action.

What could you use it for?

  • Sending task data to google sheets

  • Sending emails after a task is completed

  • Notifying of a failed audit

Setting up a Trail as a Trigger

  1. Create a new zap and select Trail as the Trigger app

  2. Connect your Trail account - find out more here

  3. Select the task(s). Every time this task is completed at any of your sites, the zap workflow will begin.

When the task is completed, Zapier will retrieve all the information from the task. This includes the details of where it was completed, the checklist & record log data. There's more in the Trail API documentation

It can then be sent to other apps e.g. to spreadsheets, via email or to auditing platforms.

NB: we don't support Typeforms in Zapier, only standard record logs.

Filtering the Data

This is an optional step but let's say you want to only trigger a zap where the task was completed at a certain site.

Just add an Action step to filter the task data using the completed task data. This means the zap will only continue based on your criteria.

Check out Zapier's article on filtering for more information.

Setting up an Action

You can create multiple actions with thousands of different apps connected to Zapier. This will be your end result - what you want the initial trigger to initiate.

You can even connect a Trail trigger to a Trail action.

First, choose your app and the event you want it to trigger.

Then, configure exactly what you want to happen & where. For example, to send task data to a google sheet, you'd choose 'Sheets'.

There's more from Zapier on Actions here.

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