How do I update lists in a record log?

Where to update repeating values, like fridge names

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Record logs are a great way to complete compliance checks that rely on data collection, e.g. temperatures.

For some tasks, teams might measure the same things each day, like taking temperatures for the same list of fridges. In this case, we can set up the names to repeat each time, saving time for busy teams.

The temptation can be to set up a long record log with names as record log fields but this is difficult to review & can't be used at different sites where names are different.

Our method allows one task to adapt to all sites, saving time for admins & teams.

Setting up the task

Standard & Team users can set up & edit record logs from the Manage Tasks page.

When making the record log, the first field can be set up as the name, with the repeat setting enabled to ensure that whatever teams write in will repeat each time.

Setting up the names

When it comes to populating the names, teams will do this at each site when the task appears for the first time. Once the names are written, they'll repeat forever ♻️

Editing lists

Sometimes lists may need to change, e.g. if a new fridge or temperature probe is added or an old one is removed.

In this case, use the add & delete buttons to change the records that repeat each day. This may be limited to just admin users, depending on how the record log is set up.

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