Infogrid <> Trail Integration

Send Infogrid equipment temperatures to Trail via Zapier

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Infogrid's building platform uses smart sensors to measure equipment temperatures. When integrated with Trail via Zapier, the sensor data can pre-populate automated tasks, saving time for your teams.

There are two main use-cases for this integration:

  • Twice daily fridge/freezer temperature checks - these are an average of two hour-long periods to avoid any spikes created by temperature oscillations.

  • Out of range alerts - trigger a task in Trail if a temperature falls out of the expected range, prompting corrective action.

For this integration, you’ll need:

  • Trail Standard Plan - upgrade in billing if needed.

  • Infogrid - sensors, range extender and CCON

  • Zapier - a starter account

Check out the video for a full overview 👇

Chat with the team to get setup - you'll need some help our side to get started 👋

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