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Feed It Back <> Trail Integration

Send follow-up actions from Feed It Back surveys to sites to complete

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Feed It Back allow customers to provide feedback on their experience with customisable surveys. Trail makes sure the feedback is actioned, by delivering the survey results in a task directly to the right team. Check out our blog here.

For this integration, you’ll need:

  • Trail Standard Plan - upgrade in billing if needed.

  • A Feed It Back account

  • A Zapier Premium Account

Step 1 - Trail

This is where we'll set up the task that will be triggered by a new survey.

Copy our Feed it Back task from the library & make any necessary edits. The task has an automated schedule, which means it will only be triggered by the zap.

If you haven't previously connected your Trail account with Zapier, you'll need to do that now too. Check out our guide to doing that here.

Step 2 - Zapier

This is where we'll configure the zap that causes the task to appear.

  • Copy the Zapier template linked here

  • Open the 'Create Task' in Trail action and connect your account using the API key in step 1. Select the 'Feed it Back Follow Up Actions' task from step 1

  • Open the Catch Hook trigger and copy the URL - you’ll need this in Step 3

  • Save

Step 3 - Feed It Back

Write to with the following:

  • Your account name

  • The Webhook URL from Step 2

  • A list of site names & IDs from Trail. The easiest way to do this is to copy or screenshot your 'Sites' page.

Step 4 - Test & Improve

Once Feed It Back have confirmed their side, complete a test survey and watch a task automatically appear on the sites’ Trail 🎉



  • Test the Webhook step after completing a Survey. If no results are returned, contact Feed It Back

  • If the survey results are returned, but no task is created

    • Check your task in Trail has an Automated schedule and is Published

    • Check you’ve selected the right task in Zapier, and that the Sites field reads Webhook Sites XX

  • If it’s still not working, go to 'Share' at top of the Zap, copy the URL and get in touch with or chat with us in-app

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