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Starter guide for Managers
Starter guide for Managers

Everything you need to know to use Trail in your site

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What you’ll need

Time to go Live

Now that everything has been set up, going Live should be a breeze! All you need to do is login to Trail when the work day begins, and start completing the tasks.

Here's a quick video introduction to completing tasks at the site:

Teams need to click the checkboxes next to items on the checklists and/or fill in the required information in Record Logs before clicking “Mark as done”, which will complete each task.

When your teams are “Done for now”, they can get back to serving customers, until it's time for them to complete the next set of tasks.


In order for the rollout to be a success, we highly recommend teams don’t use their paper-based diaries and checks while using Trail, as it will take up more of their time by doubling their work.

You can reach out to us by emailing or messaging us using the in-app chat (found in the bottom right hand corner of Trail).

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