Snooze to tomorrow

Postponing tasks that don't need doing today

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When you're going through your tasks for the day, you may realise you're not going to complete a particular ongoing task that day. You may just realise, in fact, that it would be better if you completed it tomorrow.

Snoozing lets you do this, effortlessly!

This only applies to tasks that span over multiple days.

Step 1

Go to the task on today's Trail.

Step 2

Click either the button on the top right hand corner (Snooze), or click the button at the bottom of the task that says "Snooze to tomorrow".

Step 3

When you do, a box will open asking if you'd like to snooze the task to tomorrow and reminding you that it will appear tomorrow morning. Click "Snooze task".

The task will then move from today's Trail and will appear on tomorrow's one instead.

Note: You'll only be able to see it on tomorrow's Trail, once tomorrow becomes the current day

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