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[Retired 13/12/2021] Privacy Policy for the App
[Retired 13/12/2021] Privacy Policy for the App

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UPDATE 13th Dec 2021: This policy was superseded by new T&C's and The Access Group Data Protection Policies which can be found here

Admins were notified of the changes via email. Please contact for any help on this.


What we collect

The types of data we collect on is split into three categories:

1. Trail Data

User-identifiable data Trail collects that is required for general usage of our application:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Password (this is one-way encrypted with no feasible way of decrypting)

  • IP Address (of last time you logged in)

  • Your role within your organisation (Team Member, Group Leader, Area Manager)

  • The Trail location you are assigned to (where applicable) NOTE: This may be used to identify your place of work if you are only assigned to a single Trail location

  • Any actions (and the time they were performed) within the Trail application (e.g. logging in, completing a task).

  • The person who invited you to join Trail

  • Any preferences you may have set in your account settings

2. Usage Data

Data our customers create as part of their usage of Trail. The data is associated with an encrypted user ID and organisation, so the organisation can be identified but not the specific user. The type and volume can vary by organisation, location and third party in question, however in general we record all data entered into the application at any time, including:

  • Any text input

  • Any clicks, drags, touches or swipes on your devices input

  • Tasks, their titles and descriptions

  • Task list items

  • Form and data capture configurations

  • Organisation structure, including locations and user hierarchies

  • Any forms completed or searches performed

  • Any tasks or list items completed

3. Customer Data

Data our customers input and provide as part of their usage of Trail. The type and volume can vary by organisation and location, however in general we record all data entered into the application at any time, including:

  • Uploaded files and photos

  • Tasks, their titles and descriptions

  • Task list items

  • Submitted data capture form data

  • Task and list item completion status

  • Any information collected through our third-party integrations (this varies by configuration)

Why we collect it and how we use it

Trail Data is collected primarily for the purposes of providing you with access to Trail and to customise the Trail experience for each user (based on their information and preferences). We use Trail Data and Usage Data to provide personalised support and to improve our application by analyzing the data in third-party tools.

Customer Data is collected for the business purposes of each customer. We provide a set of tools to allow our customers to collect information as they require and we store and process it in line with agreed business needs. We also use Customer Data to provide personalised support, and to improve our application by analyzing behaviours using third-party tools. 

How your data is shared

The Trail application is hosted on Heroku in their EU region, which means all data is stored on AWS in their eu-west-1 region in Dublin, Ireland.

Data gathered in our application is sent for analytics and support purposes to Intercom, Google Analytics, Segment, Amplitude and LiveSession.

A number of other third-party tools are used to provide additional functionality within the Trail application:

  • Form widgets are powered by Typeform; any data submitted on Typeform is stored by them and sent to us.

  • Uploaded files and media are processed by Filestack and stored on AWS in their eu-west-1 region in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Notification and Digest Emails are sent using Mailchimp.

  • Payment information is processed and stored by Stripe.

  • Task completion information is synced across devices using Pusher.

  • Task completion information is sent and received to other third-party tools at your discretion via Zapier.

We never, under any circumstances sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information to others. Unless we have your permission or are required by law, we will not share your personal information with the exception of the selected third-party tools outlined above, and always in a secure manner.

How long we hold your data

Trail will hold your data indefinitely, until you ask us to remove it, or you terminate your agreement with us.

To have your data removed from Trail you  just need to provide us with a request in writing and we will process that request within 28 days.

In the event of termination, or if Trail needs to permanently delete customer data, we will give you 28 days written notice, and provide all of your data in CSV format at no charge before deleting it, should you want it.  We reserve the right to charge an appropriate fee for provision in any other format.


Trail uses cookies to allow us to identify visitors and users and to personalise their experience of our application. Cookies recognise you by storing an anonymous identifier that we use to continue your session within our application. We also use cookies to compile data about how users arrived at our application (e.g. from search engines, adverts etc.) to improve our application and marketing activity.

We use both persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you end your browsing session, until either you or our application deletes them. Session cookies expire and are removed when you close your browser.

Children’s Privacy

The Trail application is not permitted for use by anyone under the age of 13. Trail does not knowingly collect any personal identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13.

Your Rights

You have the right to access all the data Trail holds on your behalf. If at any point you would like to know what personal information we hold on you, to receive a copy of it, or to have your personal information removed from our systems please email with details of the request and we will process your request within 28 days. The data will be provided in a standard CSV format.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We recommend that you review it periodically. When we update our Privacy Policy, we will take appropriate measures to inform you, consistent with the significance of the changes we make. 

Continued use of the application is considered acceptance of the terms of the latest version of this Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions or concerns at all about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to get in touch via email to

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