Formatting text in the task description

Using markdown for bold, italics, bullets and other formatting

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If you need to add more information to a task description or highlight specific parts of the text, you can use more advanced formatting options. This only applies to the description and not checklists.

Here are a list of most useful tips for styling your tasks:


Try one of the following formatting options to adjust the size of your headings in the Task Description ✏️

# This is heading style 1
## This is heading style 2
### This is heading style 3

Using these above formats will give you different sized headings like the screenshot here πŸ‘‡

Italics & Bold

To create a different look to specific words you'll want to use one of the following three options πŸ–‹

Create italics, with *asterisks* or _underscores_.
Create bold, with **asterisks** or __underscores__.
Create bold and italics with _**asterisks and underscores**_.

This will change your text to this πŸ‘‡


Create bullet point lists using asterisks with a space after each item πŸ“

* Monday
* Tuesday
* Wednesday

These will give you bullet points like this πŸ‘‡


Links can be a great way to direct teams to other websites πŸ”—
You can hyperlink text or post the link itself

My favourite website is [Trail](

Here's a raw link: <>

These links will look like this πŸ‘‡


Images can be a great way to add more context to a task πŸ–Ό

Here is the Trail logo:
![Trail logo](

Which will look like this πŸ‘‡


Quotes are handy for calling out content πŸ“£

> This line is highlighted as part of a quote.

You'll end up with text like this πŸ‘‡


Sometimes you'll want to separate things πŸ“
Use three or more hyphens to create a dividerΒ 

Use three or more Hyphens to create a divider
Use three or more Asterisks to create a divider
Use three or more Asterisks to create a divider

And you'll end up with something like this πŸ‘‡


We use the Markdown syntax to convert the text you type into formatted text like you'd see in a word document. For full details of what's possible in markdown check out this website.Β 

Advanced formatting options aren't for everyone, so if you need a hand, drop us a line and we can help you achieve the layout you need.

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