Trail has been designed to allow you to complete key actions and continue with your day even without an internet connection.

How does it work?

  • Your device will display a message when you're offline
  • Any actions you take will be stored in the memory of your device's web browser.
  • Your device will show you how many changes it has stored in its memory.
  • When you reconnect, these changes will sync with the Trail servers. As changes are saved, you'll see the number of unsaved changes reduce.

What can I do offline?

  • View the Trail (list of tasks) for that day
  • Complete or flag a subtask
  • Enter data into a Trail Record Log
  • Leave a comment (text only)
  • Mark a task as done
  • Snooze a task to tomorrow

What can't I do offline?

  • Access any of admin areas of the app: Activity Feed, Task Planner, Sites, Users Insights or Settings
  • Switch between areas of the app
  • Access a previous day that isn't saved to your device's memory
  • Add an ad-hoc task
  • Access the Search and History function
  • Change the filter applied to a Trail
  • Open a Typeform Form
  • Open an attachment on a task
  • Add an attachment to a comment (e.g. a photo)
  • Take a photo in Trail from the camera button
  • Add or delete an additional checklist item 

Completing mandatory fields:

  • If a task is completed offline and a mandatory subtask or field in a record table is missed, the task will initially be marked as done.
  • When your device reconnects, this task will be automatically re-opened.

How long can I stay offline before reconnecting?

  • You'll need to be connected to the internet when you first load that day's Trail.
  • You'll need to reconnect at least once a day.
  • For the best experience, it's recommended to reconnect, even briefly, every few hours, we'll prompt you on every timeslot boundary (usually a few times a day).
  • Trail is a live system for distributing information. Remaining offline for longer than a few hours risks showing out of date information.
  • To reconnect you just need to establish an internet connection. There are no manual steps beyond this and the amount of data required to save changes is very small.



What should I do if my changes won't save?

  • If your changes aren't syncing, check your internet connection
  • If you're definitely connected to the internet refresh the page using your browser's refresh button

What should I do if I'm online, but can't connect to Trail?

What devices are supported?

  • Devices running the latest versions of Google Chrome and Safari are fully supported.
  • Devices running the most recent version of Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other similar browsers may work offline but are not officially supported by Trail. 
  • Devices running Internet Explorer are not supported. 
  • If your device is not supported you will be presented with an error message when offline and will be unable to complete most actions.
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