The video shows how when a new starter fills out a basic contract it can trigger a tailored induction plan to automatically appear on Trail

Step one - Trail

Create an ad-hoc task 

 New Starter Induction Plan or something along those lines. This should include a checklist and optionally a Record Log eg. manager sign off.

Ask us for your API Key through the in-app chat. This is to identify where you work and which account you have access to. 

Make a note of this as we will need this later

Step two - Signing Platform

You may use any signing platform as long as they integrate with 1000+ apps via a platform called Zapier eg. Pandadocs or SignRequest.

Once you have decided on your platform, you will need to set up a form template. 

This is a template of the document you want them to sign.  This can often be uploaded as a pdf or in some cases you may have to build the form on their platform.

As part of your template, you will need a question to indicate which site the person is working at (ideally a dropdown to prevent typos). Depending on which signing platform you are using this process may vary.

This is an example form using Pandadocs:

c) Send this form to yourself to fill out and gather some example data to work with in later steps.

Step three - hook them up and watch the magic happen 💥

Head to and create an account to unlock automation of 1000+ apps. 

If you are unfamiliar with Zapier, here's how it works.

Trail is still in beta so you must click this link to enable Trail on Zapier.

All zaps work on triggers  and actions. The signing platform is the trigger , in this case as the completion of a form which will trigger the follow up actions  on Trail.

Click "Make a zap!" to get started.

Search for your signing platform then hit continue.

After selecting Document Completed on the next screen, you'll be prompted to authorise your account either via a login screen or entering an API key depending on the platform.

Once authorised, you'll be able to choose a template to "trigger" on. This is useful for when you have many different forms.

This will then look for a recently completed document from this template.

Next we need to convert your location names into Trail site IDs

You will have created some way to indicate what site the employee would be working at when you created your form template. Now we need to translate this text into a Trail site ID. We do this through a tool called a look up table.

Choose an action step called "Formatter":

Choose utilities:

We then need to choose the text we want to translate by setting up:

Press button A to bring in the location field from the trigger (the signing platform)
This will be shown in field B.

C is where you enter a list of all the possible location options you set up on your form (Using dropdowns on the form can guarantee these match).

You then need to head to your sites page on Trail to find out what site IDs these locations have. These need to be added next to the location as shown by D.

Click continue and then test your test form to make sure you get a match.

Time for action!

Search for Trail, select Create Task and connect your account using your Trail API key.

Select the ad-hoc task template you created at the very beginning of this process (1).

For the site ID, click the box on the right of the text box (2) where you can bring answers from the step where we turned the form dropdown into a Trail side ID (shown as (3)).

Same idea for the description. Bring in the new employee's first name from the form  as well as some advanced formatting if you fancy being a pro (4).

Set a due date for when this tasks needs to be completed in relation to signing the form (eg. 7 days) then hit continue (5).

Give that a test and watch the task magically appear on Trail 💥

Now set that zap live and send off a new template from the signing platform to watch the whole thing work automatically.

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