Many issues are solved by simply refreshing the page. 

As Trail is a web-based app it works well on pretty much any device that can access the internet. If the app is not behaving as expected, check the following:

  • Do you have an active internet connection?
    Check to see if you can access other websites like your company website or Google. If you can't you should check your Wi-Fi or data connection to make sure you can get online

  • Is the device software up to date?
    All devices run on operating systems that occasionally need updating for everything to run as normal. The same goes for internet browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer). We strongly recommend you keep these updated to the latest version to give the best experience.

  • Has the device frozen?
    If your device has frozen you should try force-restarting the device. This is often done by holding down the power button (or a combination of buttons) for 5 seconds or more. For specific instructions, search for your device name. E.g. Force restart iPad Air

  • Is your device turned on with power?
    Devices can take a few minutes after plugging in to turn back on if the battery has completely run out. We'd always recommend your Trail device has a home in your site where it can stay safe and charged.

Problems inside the app:

  • If you're having issues using the app, take a look at the different sections in this help centre. There's articles on everything from creating tasks to uploading photos and more. 

If you can't find the answer to your query in the help centre or are still having issues, please contact the Trail support team via the in-app chat tool or email

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