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What do I do if I'm working in a new branch?
What do I do if I'm working in a new branch?

What to do if a manager or team moves to another location

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If you or a colleague has moved sites, the access permissions in the user account will need to be changed so they can log in to the right location or site.

Only Admins & Managers can edit user details - if you don't know who that is just drop Trail support a note and we can help you.

​Here's some more on Roles & Permissions and Managing Users

​To change a user's access settings, edit them from the Users page.

Here you can edit the role:

You can also edit the site access of a user to assign them to a site or group/area:

If it's a different person (eg. a new member of staff) it's better to create a new account for them.

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