What is time stamping?

Time and date stamping are places on a task that show when something was completed or updated. There are three main places for this on a task:

  • An overall task completed time stamp at the top

  • A time stamp for any submitted checklist items

  • A time stamp for any record log entries

When is a task time stamped?

  • The Task itself is only timestamped when it’s completed

  • The Task Completion timestamp has no relation to the Record Log timestamp

  • The time stamping will show the last time that it was submitted, meaning that if a task is submitted and then reopened, it will show the latest of those times

Impacts of editing Record Logs

  • Each Record Log row is timestamped individually - adding, editing, or deleting one row will not affect the timestamp of any other

  • Making any change to any field on a row will update the timestamp for that row to the current time

How does the time stamping change if someone goes back onto the record?

  • Going back to a Record Log after it’s been filled in and making any change to a row, even if the Task has been completed and reopened, will update the timestamp for that row to the current time

How does offline mode affect time stamping?

  • The timestamp is taken from the time on the device

  • Once you go back online, the data is synced and will show the time that the task or record log was completed offline

  • It will not change to the time that you go back online

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