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How does the free trial work?
How does the free trial work?

Start a 14 day free trial today to explore all of Trail's features

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Just select a plan and you're ready to start your free 14 day trial - you're able to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime via the billing page in the app (note - your sign up invite could land in your Spam inbox!)

What can I do during it?

  • Everything - the free period gives you the freedom to test out Trail to the max.

  • Complete tasks at your sites, set up content and see how Trail can work for your business - this is your Setting Up stage.

  • You'll only get charged after your 14 free days, even if you go Live before the free period is up!

What's a live date?

  • Future Live Dates are useful for planning a rollout - the site will automatically change to Live, on the day

  • A Live Date is picked when you're finished Setting Up and ready for site staff to complete Tasks using Trail

My Trial is over - what now?

  • You can activate your subscription by heading to your billing page, inputting payment details. Then, you can go Live or carry on Setting Up inactive sites.

  • Solo customers pay a fixed amount each month for one site and one user. Team & Standard plans are charged for each live site, with unlimited users at no extra cost.

  • If you choose not to activate, your sites' status will be changed to Inactive and tasks can no longer be created. To request a trial extension, see below.

Can I extend the trial?

  • Feel free to message support to discuss a possible trial extension to help you make any final tweaks before rolling out!

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