Building and completing Audits

An overview of how to build and complete scored audits - a powerful way to identify issues and to see how your Sites are doing

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Audits can be created with the Record Log Builder - a feature of the Team and Standard plans only. Upgrade your plan from your Billing page.

Trail is all about building good daily working habits, by guiding teams through their day. However, there are occasions where an on-site inspection is necessary.

For example, you might want to Audit the Food Quality of your Site by scoring your Site based on...

  • The quality of produce (out of W)

  • Produce being in date (out of X)

  • Produce being stored properly (out of Y)

  • Orders are being prepared properly (out of Z)

Audits can be a very time consuming part of your compliance procedures. Scores will help you identify issues requiring further attention - giving you more confidence for when regulators visit.

Building an Audit

Create an Ad Hoc task

Head to your Manage Tasks page and create a new Task and set Schedule to Ad Hoc. This means the task can be added and completed on any site by the auditor. More on Ad Hoc tasks can be read, here.

Add a Record Log with Options

To build a Scored question, you'll need an Options field type

  • Then, you can write out the question you'd like to Score

  • Configure the Score columns (more on how the Scoring works below)

  • Select the Buttons display option to make it easier for users to select answers

Enable scores

By default, there are three types of score:

  • Positive - contributes to the total score

  • Zero or Negative - also contributes to the total

  • Blank - excluded from the total

A common Option field would look like this:

  • Yes - 1 point

  • No - 0 points

  • N/A - Blank

The total score and consequent percentage is calculated like this:

The sum of all your answers


The sum of the highest possible answers for each question

= Percentage

Note that the question will be excluded from the total score if the Option selected has a blank Score or if Scores are disabled on the field.

Duplicate the field

Quickly build out several Option questions with the same Scores.

Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 14.48.14 1.png

Sub headings

You can also use the Section Title field type to create sub headings in your audits. This way, you'll be able to Score different aspects within the same audit - for example, Food Quality, Cleanliness, Wastage and Hosting Skills.

Publish & Test

Head to your Complete Tasks page for any site and click ‘add task’ to select the Ad Hoc Audit you’ve just built.

Completing an Audit

When a site needs auditing, the inspector should add the Ad Hoc task to today’s task list so that it’s a permanent record on that day.

Answering questions

To complete your audit, answer the questions by either typing text into the open question fields or selecting an applicable Score.

You will see notice the Scores calculate and update in real-time as you fill out the Audit.

Reporting on the results

The Overall and Section Scores are both included in the Task Completed emails. As are the Scores for each Record if it's a multiple Record Log.

The Overall and Section Scores are both included in the Task Content CSV exported reports. As are the Scores for each Record if it's a multiple Record Log.

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