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Where do I find the rest of my tasks?
Where do I find the rest of my tasks?

Adding and completing unscheduled, Ad-hoc tasks

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Sometimes you'll need to complete tasks on an ad-hoc basis. These won't be on your daily view of Trail but can be added as required.

Using the "Search Tasks" function will show you history of previous tasks you have done including today's task instance. For any new tasks you need you'll want the "Add Task" button.  

Accident reports, food poisoning, damages - not everything can be planned for and not everything can be scheduled. 

Ad-hoc tasks are any tasks, such as Accident and Incident forms, that you will want to add to Trail as they happen.

Step 1

Go to your Trail and click the button that says “Add Task”, found in the top right hand corner

Step 2

This will take you to the Add Task to Trail page. Click on the button that says “Add” next to the form you want to add to Trail.

Step 3

You’ll then be taken back to your Trail, with the ad-hoc task at the top of the “Now” section.

And that’s it!

Note: if you’d like to remove the ad-hoc task, click where it says “Remove” in the top right hand corner of the task. This will bring up a dialogue box asking if you’re sure you want to remove it from the Trail. Click “OK” if you’re sure. This will remove any information you’ve added to the task, as well.

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