The Task Reports page is a feature of the Standard plans only. Upgrade your plan from your Billing page.

As your operations scale and you add more tasks to your Trail, there’s more information that you need to keep an eye on and action on a daily basis.

This is where Task Reports comes in, a simple destination to keep track of all the important things. Here’s some examples of how to use it:

  • Comparing and spot checking food / equipment temperatures

  • Seeing all the photos and comments for a specific task across multiple sites

  • Checking the progress off an ongoing task e.g menu launch

  • Reviewing fire checks in all your sites across a long period

  • Viewing all your recent site audits

The page contains a list of all the instances since August 2020 of all the tasks in your account.

They’re ordered by start date, with the most recent start dates appearing at the top of the list.

Each task instance shows:

  • Task Title - clicking the title will open that task in a new tab

  • Assigned site

  • Status (In Progress, Overdue, Completed Early, Completed On Time, Completed Late, or Missed)

    • Note: Completed early information is currently only available here, and not on your site’s Trail

    • Note: If a task has been snoozed it won’t show here in this list

  • Counts to show:

    • Checklist Flags (when teams can’t complete things or they’re not applicable)

    • Checks added (when managers add items to the checklist on that task)

    • Comments

Using the buttons at the top of the page you can also show / hide different types of task content

The search box allows you to search the list by task title, and the results appear as you type

Note: it begins searching after 2 characters are typed

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