Maintenance Log <> Trail Integration

Complete a maintenance task, notify suppliers and follow up

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Your teams can log a maintenance form/report when they pick up an issue on site. Once this form is completed, an alert or email notification can get sent to someone else internally (like HQ or a facilities manager) or even externally to a handyman or maintenance company.

You can access reports to demonstrate how many maintenance issues are cropping up, giving you better visibility over maintenance issues across your estate.

For this integration, you’ll need:

  • Trail Standard Plan - upgrade in billing if needed

  • Zapier account

    • You'll need premium for multiple steps, e.g. sheets & email

    • The free plan allows 2-step zaps, so 1 action - it's best to choose sheets for the second step as email can be handled through Trail email notifications

Step 1 - Trail

Add the Maintenance Log from the Templates page to your tasks. You can customise the task to your needs, but for now it's best to leave the Record Log as it is.

Step 2 - Zapier

Open the Zap template below and work through each step

  1. Select the Maintenance Log task as a Trigger. If you haven't previously connected your Trail account with Zapier, you'll need to do that first. Check out our guide to doing that here.

  2. Send an email notification, and customise the body. This is useful for alerting non-Trail users, like external suppliers.

  3. Add a new row to a Google Sheet. This is useful for maintaining an ongoing list of maintenance issues.

Step 3 - Test & Improve

Switch the zap on, and test then integration

  1. Add and complete the Maintenance Log Adhoc task on any site

  2. Check the email was received

  3. Check a new row was added to the Google Sheet

From here, you might connect to a 3rd party maintenance system, or trigger follow up actions on the Trail. The options are limitless!


  • If you complete a task and the Zap fails to run

    • Check the zap history to see if the event was registered at all

    • Check your task in Trail has an Automated schedule and is Published

    • Check you’ve selected the right task in Zapier

    • Check the Zap is on

  • If it’s still not working, go to 'Share' at top of the Zap, copy the URL and get in touch with or chat with us in-app

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