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Can I schedule tasks to repeat on the same day?
Can I schedule tasks to repeat on the same day?

Add multiple schedules to repeat the same task at different times

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You can now set a task to repeat by adding new schedules to the same task. Using multiple schedules will allow you to repeat one task within the same day, rather than creating copies of the same task!
You can read more about scheduling tasks here.
β€‹πŸ’‘ Note: Multiple schedules can be added as Repeat or One-off schedules.

How to add multiple schedules to repeat a task throughout the same day

  1. From Manage Tasks edit an existing task or create a new one.

  2. When you're ready, go to the Schedule tab.

  3. Select Repeat schedule (you can read more about the different types of schedules here)

4. Select the first time slot you'd like your task to be completed in.

Or select a specific time (e.g. hourly)

5. Once you've selected the first time slot (or a specific time) for your task to appear, just select Add another schedule.

6. Each schedule will appear in the Schedule tab as you add them. A summary of when it will appear will be under the schedule title and to view the details select the schedule.

If you no longer want a schedule, select it and use the Remove Schedule button, which will immediately remove this schedule from your task.

7. You can find tasks with more than one schedule in Manage Tasks under the Multiple Schedules section.

8. And you'll see your task repeat in each scheduled time slot in Complete Tasks.

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