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Terms & Conditions Update - Key Changes
Terms & Conditions Update - Key Changes

Key changes made to our T&C's as of the 13th December 2021

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On Monday 13th December 2021, we made some important updates to our Terms & Conditions and Data Protection and Privacy Policies.

These updates come as part of our recent acquisition by The Access Group and some changes in our billing and subscription terms. The full list of changes can be found in our help centre and here’s a summary:

  • Charges for new live sites for ALL subscriptions will be collected monthly. This includes customers on annual, six-monthly and quarterly plans.

  • The commercial terms for you subscription agreement will be outlined either in the billing panel in the App or your contract where applicable.

  • Our liability and indemnity clauses have been updated to reflect The Access Group policies

  • Trail will now be under the Access Group’s Personal Data Schedule. You can find this as an addendum to our new T&C’s.

  • GDPR Compliance and Privacy Policy - We are now also under the Access Group’s GDPR Compliance & Privacy Policies. These can be found on the Access GDPR Portal.

  • We have revised our sub-processor list which can be found in our Product Fact Sheet via the Access portal. You can also request this from Trail Support at any time.

The summary above only includes some of the updates you can expect. We encourage you to read the documents in full to understand the changes.

If you have any questions at all, you can contact us directly at and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you for using Trail!

Team Trail ❤️

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