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Can I login using my Access Email?
Can I login using my Access Email?

Yes! If you’re an Access customer, you can sign into your Trail account with your Access login. Here's how.

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Setup your Access Email

First, you’ll need to make sure your Access Email has been added to your Trail account as a new user. Only admins can add new users so you may need to contact your Trail admin for this.

You’ll also need to make sure the email within Trail matches your Access Email.

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If you’ve been invited by email, you’ll need to confirm your email and choose a password before you can login using your Access account.

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Login using your Access details

Once your access email is in Trail, head to the login page and click ‘Continue with Access'.

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You’ll then be directed to the Access Login page where you can login using your Access credentials.

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Signing out from Trail

Worth noting, if you’ve been using Trail using an Access email, signing out of Trail won’t sign you out of your Access account.

However signing out of your Access account will sign you out of your Trail account.

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