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Place Access Maintain callouts straight from Trail
Place Access Maintain callouts straight from Trail

Customers of both Access Maintain and Trail can now place maintenance callouts directly from Trail. Read below to find out how.

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Request your Access Maintain Task within Trail

You’ll first need to make sure you have the Trail task to place a callout with Access Maintain available for your teams. To get this added, drop one of the team a line at or use the chat box and we'll get that sorted for you.

Log in with Access

When your team login to Trail, they should choose the Continue with Access option. This will ensure that they can use Trail & Access Maintain without having to login multiple times.

Need more information or support on signing in with Access? Get in touch with one of the team via the chat box and we’ll be happy to help.


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Placing a callout

Once the task is on your Trail, your teams can access it via the ‘Add Tasks’ button on the complete tasks page. By clicking on the ‘Place a callout with Access Maintain’ task, the task will appear with a link for your teams to click on.

Upon clicking the link, your teams will be guided to your Access Maintain portal where your teams will be able to place a callout using Access Maintain.


Tracking your callout

Once the Maintenance callout is logged within Access Maintain, your reference number will automatically attached to the task in the comments section.

You can use this reference number to search for the specific issue logged in your Access Maintain account and keep an eye on its progress.

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Reporting on callouts

You can keep a track of all your Access Maintain callouts from Reporting page by simply searching for the Task name in the Task Reports tab.

As with all task reports, you’re also able to export the data into either a PDF or CSV file. Find out more about our Task Reports feature here

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