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I'm being audited, what do I show them?
I'm being audited, what do I show them?

How sites can use Trail when an inspector visits (eg. EHO)?

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When an inspector or auditor visits, they will want to see your compliance checks, or what they may call your due diligence checks (e.g. temperature monitoring records).

There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't accept digital records. Thousands of sites have now been audited this way.

Below, we’ll show you how you can use Trail to explain to what checks you do and how and when you complete them.

Step 1:

Show the inspector all the tasks that have been completed for today by expanding the tasks on the trail.

Explain what checks you do, when and how you complete them. Remember to mention the comments box and that it used to record corrective action.

Step 2:

Ask the inspector if there are any specific compliance checks they would like to view. Hit the Search tasks button at the top of the page. A list of tasks that are available on your Site will then appear.

From there you can:

a. Select the task from the list

b. Type the task name in the search field at the top right hand corner of the page

c. Filter the list of tasks by selecting tags on the left-hand side of your page

Once you have found the desired task, you can select History to see a list of the last 30 records of that task. Top tip: you can use Control + P on your desktop to save tasks as a PDF.

Step 3:

Show the inspector tasks completed yesterday or any other day.

Select the Today task bar at the top of the page and select the date this person wishes to view. All the tasks on that days trail will appear.

Step 4:

Show the inspector the tasks that have been completed for a date range, select insights at the top of the page. (Note: This is only available for Admin and Manager Users on the Standard Plan)

Step 5:

Select the date range the inspector would like to see.

Step 6:

 Select which site to include in the report

Step 7:

 Select task content and the tasks that the inspector or auditor would like to see

Step 8:

A CSV file be automatically generated by trail and emailed to you.

Will the inspector accept my trail?

There should be absolutely no reason why they should not accept your trail if you are completing each task on time and completely.

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