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Add a file or photo to your comment

Add images to tasks as evidence or for record

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Using the comments box a file or photo can be added to a task as evidence or for records.

Step 1:

Click the ‘Comment’ button on the task you would like to attach your file or photo to, to open the conversation. Or scroll to the end of the task, and the comments box will be available to use.

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Attach a file or photo’ button and you will be given the option to upload a file or photo.

If you are using a PC or Laptop you will be able to upload files or photos that are stored on your computer.

If you are accessing Trail from a mobile device (tablet, iPhone, smartphone etc.) an option box will appear that will ask you to either upload a file/photo from your library or to take a photo.

Step 3:

Once you have selected the file or photo you want to upload a completion spinner will appear and it will let you know if the upload has been successful.

Step 4:

Once the file or photo has been uploaded you will be taken back to the comment box where you can leave a comment or not. It is recommended that you leave a comment if the file or photo demonstrates that you have taken corrective action. Click 'Save comment.'

Step 5:

Press the ‘Save comment’ button and the file or photo will be attached, along with your comment, to the task on your Trail.

Upload photo directly

Whilst completing a task, you can also use the camera icon to take and directly upload a photo there and then.

Inline Comments

File & Photos can also be added to Inline Comments - more on Inline Comments here.

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💡 Note: Inline Comments are only available on the Standard Plan

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