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Inline Comments: Adding comments within a task
Inline Comments: Adding comments within a task

How to add comments within tasks and how to view these comments in your task reporting.

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Trail users have had the ability to raise comments on every task for several years now, however, sometimes you just need to call out a particular aspect of the task. That’s why we’ve introduced our Inline Comments feature, allowing you to add comments to specific checklist items or record log fields.

How do Inline Comments work

Each Checklist item and record log field will have a little bubble icon on the right-hand side of the task.

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To add an Inline comment simply click on the icon, type your comment and then hit ‘Save comment’. You also have the option to add pictures and files - just click on the paperclip icon in the comment box to attach this. If your team are using a camera device such as a mobile phone, they can snap a picture to attach within the task.


How can I view comments made within a Task?

There are 2 ways you can look at past comments added to a task within Trail:

1) View completed tasks on the Complete Tasks page (any user)

When looking at Tasks from previous days on the Complete Tasks page using the calendar, you’ll be able to see any comments attached to checklist items or record log fields. Click the comment icon to view the comment which will have a date and time stamp, as well as a log of who added the comment.


If you’ve added comments to a record log table (e.g against a particular fridge check when checking fridge temperatures), you can see the comments logged clearly against the particular record.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 11.26.25.png

2) View the Inline comments using Task Reports (Admins and Managers only)

Any Admin-level user and Managers (for their sites only) can access Task Reports in the Reports tab. For more detailed information on how to create reports, check out the article here.

To view Inline Comments, use the Exceptions filter to see comments added to the task - you can select between Checklist comments and Record log (table or form fields) comments.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 14.00.57.png

Will I be able to see inline comments in my downloads?

Yes, you’ll be able to view inline comments when you download them as PDF or CSV files. Click here for more information on creating and downloading Task Reports.


What about comment boxes at the bottom of a task?

Comments against whole tasks will still behave as usual - your teams can add comments, files and photos at the bottom of each task and Admins and Managers can still view these comments in Task Reports under the ‘Show’ filter.

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For more information on how Task comment work, visit our article here.

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