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How are site scores calculated?
How are site scores calculated?

The daily digest email and dashboard includes a daily score for each site based on how well they completed their tasks

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Site scores give a numerical value to a site's performance to allow for benchmarking. 

How are the scores calculated?

Ten points are awarded for completed on time, five for late and zero points for incomplete. The totals are then split over the number of tasks to produce a final average out of 10.

If one site is consistently scoring lower than other sites, they're either not completing their tasks on time - or - there's an issue with how their tasks are scheduled. Either way, Scores should give valuable insight into managing your multi-site operations.

The Score card

This task summary at the top of each previous daily trail is a snapshot of the state of the world at the end of that business day.

Any task that's missed or not synced at the point at which the Score is calculated (at the end of the business day) is Scored as missed, and can't be recalculated.

Therefore, we strongly recommend making sure all tasks are completed and synced online before the end of the day - rather than the morning after. This will ensure the Score card accurately reflects the day's performance.

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