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I'm auditing a site, how do I use Trail?
I'm auditing a site, how do I use Trail?

A brief guide for EHOs, Enforcement Officers and Auditors

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What is Trail?

If you are reading this article, you are an auditor or enforcement officer visiting a Trail customer.

If you have not come across Trail before, Trail is used to record all compliance records. Essentially, Trail is a smart checklist and has been designed to replace paper.

Trail sets out the tasks/checks that this site has to complete throughout the day.

Trail is not a food safety management system but simply a tool for verification, monitoring and corrective actions.

Viewing Tasks on Trail

Please ask the site manager to show you today’s tasks as well as any historical tasks.

Their Trail is accessible on any tablet, desktop or mobile phone.

Typical Trail checks include: temperature monitoring checks, delivery records, opening checks, closing checks and cleaning schedules.

Many of the tasks are built with intelligent features. Critical limits can be set, prompting the user to take corrective action should they be exceeded.

Need a Copy of the Records?

Please ask the site manager to contact head office should you need a copy of any checks. A CSV file will be sent to you.

Concerns or Questions?

Please send any comments or concerns that you may have about the the site’s Trail to the site’s head office. They are responsible for the management and implementation of the Trail. 

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