Assigning tasks to Users or Roles

Assign tasks to Users to increase accountability and reduce noise on the Trail

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Increase accountability for important tasks and reduce the amount of unnecessary tasks on individual Trails by assigning tasks to a specific role or user.

Assign tasks to roles or individual users

As a Trail Admin on a Standard Plan, you can assign tasks to a particular role or to individual users, as well as assigning to sites.

Important: If a task is assigned to users, it will only be seen by the specific roles or users selected in the Users section on the Assign tab in the Complete Tasks view.

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Filter tasks by user or role in Task Reports

To view tasks by the assigned user or roles in Task Reports, use the new Roles or Users filters, which can be found via the Add filter button.

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View assigned roles & users in CSV exports

If a task is assigned to a role(s) or user(s), these will be listed in the Task Reports CSV export as assigned_roles and assigned_users. If no roles or users are assigned to a task, these columns will not be populated.

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Do I still need to assign tasks to Sites?

Yes - all tasks still need to be assigned to the Sites or Areas that should have access to them. Assigning to roles or users is an additional layer of assignment on top of this.

For more information on assigning tasks, check out this section in our overview of the task editor.

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