Admin Users create and manage everyone's tasks from the Manage Tasks page.

Creating a task

The 'Create Task' button is found on the top right and is the first step when populating your organisation's task list. Find out more about task settings.

Searching for a task

The list of tasks will reduce as you type, with just the tasks matching your query remaining. This is a great tool if you have a rough idea what the task is called.

Filter by tags or sites

Should the task name escape your memory, you are also able to filter by tags and/or Trails. Filtering by tags (tags link) can narrow the tasks down by type (e.g. kitchen) whereas filtering by Trails is useful for locating site specific tasks. 

Previewing tasks

Click on the name to open more details about the task and view a preview of the task content, or Preview All to expand every task. You can use the browser "File > Print" function to export to pdf or print.

Assigning a task

Select the checkbox to the left of any task. 

This can be used to select a single task or multiple tasks (note the appearance of the select all button at the top of your screen). 

Once the appropriate tasks have been selected, you are then able to assign to the relevant Trail in the top right of your screen. 

Un-assigning a task

Tweaking the method above, you're able to remove multiple tasks from a site at once. This will save you a lot of time compared to going into each task individually. 

You'll get the option to assign or unassign from a site. Then you'll be able to select the site that you no longer want these tasks to appear on.

There's also the option to delete. Use with caution - deleting tasks will mean they're removed from all sites and your manage tasks page forever!


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