To create a new site:

  • Head to the Sites page and click + New Site 
  • Name the Site and select the area it's in  
  • Set a launch date 🚀 📆
  • The Site will now have a status of Set Up (see more on Site statuses here)

On a Site's launch date, scores will be recorded, it will appear in your reports and will contribute to your subscription costs.

In the run-up to the launch date reminders will be sent to people with access to the Site.


To assign tasks to a new Site:

How to copy all the tasks from one of your existing Sites:

  • Filter the Manage Task page by the Site you want to copy from - use the filters in the top left corner
  • Select one, two, three or all tasks you want to assign to the new Site
  • Use the bulk assign function in the top right of the Manage Task page to assign to your new Site
  • This won't remove them from your old Site, it just adds them to your new Site


Site statuses


  • Every organisation gets a Demo Site to test things out on
  • Not included in reports
  • Not included in subscription costs

Set Up:

  • Pre-launch
  • Not included in reports
  • Not included in subscription costs
  • Use the time before launch to log in, complete tasks and generally get comfortable with using Trail.


  • A real & active Site
  • Included in reports
  • Included in subscription costs


  • An old Site, no longer in use
  • A site that's going to be temporarily closed
  • Not included in reports
  • Not included in subscription costs
  • Historical data is always available

You can also set a Site as closed on specific dates or days of the week. 

Suspending a Site

You may want to suspend a site for the reasons explained above. 

To do this, you need to head to the site settings page in the top right hand corner. From there:

  • Head to the site you're wanting to pause or end subscription for
  • Click suspend in the grey box

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