To create a new site:

  • Head to the sites page and click new site 
  • Name the site, select the area (if required) and set a go live date 📆

How to copy all the tasks from one of your existing sites:

  • Filter the Task Planner by the site you want to copy from - use the filters in the top left corner
  • Select one, two, three or all tasks you want to assign to the new site
  • Use the bulk assign function in the top right of the Task Planner to assign to your new site
  • This won't remove them from your old site, it just adds them to your new site

Setting Active dates

When setting up a site you are prompted to set active dates

When a site is set to 'Inactive' it will not be included on reports.

You may need to update the status of a site when bringing forward an opening date or during refurbs. 

How to change the Active/Inactive status of a site:

  • Go to Sites and edit the site in question
  • Then just update the status and/or active date however you see fit.
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